We believe in taking the time to understand our clients to match the right tenant with the right property. It is important from the outset to understand requirements to ensure we establish a good relationship between landlord and tenant. We endeavour to provide landlords and tenants with great client service all whilst complying with up to date legislation and regulations.

We manage both residential and HMO properties and recognise that every client differs in how they wish their property to be let or managed, as well as how much contact they wish to have. We therefore strive to treat every client as the individual that they are and cater to their requirements in all aspects of their property letting and management.

We can offer the exact level of service you require, from full monthly management, to let only and advert only, maintenance only or even a one off inspection.

HMO Specialist Service

We have extensive experience with letting and managing HMO properties as well as developing conversions. We understand that this type of property requires greater involvement by the day-to-day manager and specialist knowledge to manage efficiently. We are your HMO Specialist.

With students comes more active tenant management and often a higher level of involvement. The property will typically require more repairs than a single let and we can also help you with maintenance.

HMOs are subject to a whole host of legislation which can be a minefield for a new owner or investor.

For more information click here to view our HMO Consultancy page.


We are experienced in everything ‘property’. We can also source you a property to let or buy!

We know the opportunities to chase, the rules to comply with and the pitfalls to be avoided.

Contact us to let us know what you are looking for.